Val/Ver Wizard is an optional module of MDDS.
Val/Ver Wizard manages the complete process:
  • Automatic Validation. It automatically presents all the IETM (MDDV) data with a source PDF (huge time saving) – validating completeness and correctness of all graphics, all links and all the text.
  • Logged Actions. The user decides, one by one, if they are correct or incorrect. The Aid automatically record all his selections.
  • Live Reporting. Val/Ver Wizard automatically generates live progress and summary reports by TO/para/module, listing all the decisions made by the user.


Val/Ver Wizard reduces the time required for complete validation (certification) by more than 90%

Zero Footprint

Val/Ver Wizard is provided over the web or over a network. It requires no installation, no maintenance, no updates (also, no Java, Flash, plugins or ActiveX are used or required)
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