The CSDB/AI is part of the MDDS. It provides unparalleled CSDB with AI and configuration management capabilities.

The CSDB/AI is customizable per program and can include support for configuration management of multiple weapon systems, multiple models, any combination of tail number, Before/After changes, technical skills, security classifications, physical location and more.

The CSDB/AI fully supports:

Both S1000D and SGML dataDatasets of any size(!)Full support for PDD (Partial Data Delivery) – generating change packages of partial dataFull support for CIR (Common Information Repository)Management of files in any data format (i.e., Word, PowerPoint, XML, XPP, Quicksilver, Interleaf, FrameMaker, video and 3D models and graphicsIntegration with authoring tools (our own MDDA, Oxygen, and Arbortext)Mass conversion of graphics to compact SVG format, with no loss of quality (our Graphics Wizard)Mass conversion of 3D graphics to compact 3D format with no loss of quality (our Graphics Wizard)Automatic tracking of all usage of the CSDB, including real-time interactive analytics (cost per change, broken down by data type, roles of users, and more)VisualSearch™Integrated digital wiringTasks assignment and trackingUsers’ managementFull integration with MDDVFull support for classified data, and secure accessThe most powerful applicabilities and configuration capabilities

Zero Footprint

CSDB/AI is provided over the web or over a network. It requires no installation, no maintenance, no updates (also, no Java, Flash, plugins or ActiveX are used or required)
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