What’s new in S1000D, Issue 5.0?

Any update to S1000D invariably includes a substantial number of editorial corrections, link corrections, and schema tweaks. S1000D issue 5.0 includes these kinds of editorial corrections.

  1. A substantial change in S1000D Issue 5.0 was the introduction of the element <infoNameVariant> S1000D issue 5.0 presents the following example of the use of the <infoNameVariant>.

    This is an example where the value of attribute infoCode is “258” and the value of attribute infoCodeVariant is “B”.
    <infoName>Other procedure to clean</infoName>
    <infoNameVariant>Clean with water</infoNameVariant>.

    S1000D presents infoCode 258 with the infoName - Other procedure to clean

  2. A second major change in S1000D Issue 5.0 allowed Issue numbers to be 3, 4, or 5 digits.

  3. S1000D Issue 5.0 added the following note:

    The information name must not contain the characters &, <, or >. These characters will cause issues with BREX checking and XML validation.

  4. S1000D Issue 5.0 allowed decimals in various elements:

    • Changed tolerance values to allow decimals
    • Changed the description of elements <taskDuration> and <estimatedTime> to allow a maximum of two decimals for their values

  5. S1000D Issue 5.0 corrected a number of BRDP editorial errors and made the following BRDP changes:

    • Removed reference to BRDP-S1-00012. BRDP does not exist
    • Removed reference to BRDP-S1-00238. BRDP does not exist
    • Extension of BRDP-S1-00496 by element <infoNameVariant>
    • Removed duplicate BRDP (BRDP-S1-00570)

  6. S1000D Issue 5.0 revised the following Information codes:

    • Changed definitions for IC 022 to Business rules exchange
    • Changed definitions for IC 024 to Business rules
    • Added IC 025 - Export control policy
    • Added IC 026 - Regulatory policy
    • Changed definitions for 1C 169 to Mass and Balance from Mass & Balance (See S1000D Issue 5.0 Updates item 3)
    • Added definition for IC 235 – Flush

  7. S1000D Issue 5.0 revised the following Information codes:

    • Added and defined Sub-System 5 in System 06
    • Updated the definitions of System 32 and Subsystem 32-50 to include the “Maneuvering” function. Also added, “motor, control systems, power supplies or converter” to the list of items included within this System and Subsystem.

  8. S1000D Issue 5.0 included updates to the brDoc, ipd, appliccrossreftable and FM Schema

  9. S1000D Issue 5.0 was revised to include a new SCORM content package reference structure.

  10. S1000D Issue 5.0 made distinctions between “thru” and “through”. Thru is used to reflect a range of values “0” thru “9” or “A” thru “Z”

S1000D, Issue 5.0 - Considerations

The use of issue 5.0 is currently limited:
  1. There are no US Joint Service Business rules for S1000D, Issue 5.0. US Joint Services Business rules only exist for S1000D, Issue 4.1. The use of S1000D, Issue 5.0 is not yet authorized for US military applications.
  2. There are no Civil Aviation Business Rules for S1000D, issue 5.0. There are Civil Aviation Business Rules for S1000D issue 4.1 and issue 4.2. The use of S1000D, Issue 5.0 is not yet authorized for Civil Aviation applications.

S1000D, Issue 5.0 – Recommendation

Unless you are mandated to use S1000D, Issue 5.0, we recommend that you stay with S1000D, Issue 4.1. It is most widely used and supported, and US Joint Services Business rules support it.

S1000D, Issue 6.0 – The future

S1000D, Issue 6.0 is in the works. No official release date yet. We will provide updates, when available.


To discuss S1000D issues, conversion projects, or a Class-6 IETM (MDDV), please email us at info@mddv.com.