Secure Social Networking in MDDV

Every airman could securely connect with any airman (from any unit, worldwide & secure) for a video or voice call, to share screen, share files, and more.

MDDV™, the only 6th Generation IETM/IETP now incorporates a revolutionary secure social networking.

This includes fully secure calls, video calls, messages (one to one or one to many), interactive messages, annotations, (and much more) from one secure device with MDDV to another secure device with MDDV, through a secure network.

Airman can contact anyone working on the same airplane, or call a Chief, QA, Supervisor, Engineer, etc., and share live video of problems and concerns. Since this is using the AF network, airmen could practically call anyone (using MDDV) – worldwide.

The technology is true Zero-footprint (no plugins, no extensions, no Flash, etc.)

MDDV is currently used by thousands of airmen, in dozens of units worldwide, automating, and standardizing systems and component failures, plus repair data collection for CBM+ predictive maintenance and on-time supply chain management.

MDDV is the only 6th gen ietm ietp