MDDV – only 6th Generation IETM/IETP

MDDV™, the only 6th Generation IETM/IETP unchains mechanics, operators, and managers by unleashing the power of cutting-edge end-user-focused software!

MDDV integrates S1000D, SGML, DITA, PDF, digital wirings, and HD video, and is usable on any device or operating system (Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android) including handheld, tablets, laptops, and even AR/VR wearables. Any device, any network, connected and disconnected, anywhere…better than ever before!

MDDV’s seamless UI hosts amazing 3D graphics and HD video with true zero-footprint (no plug-ins or extensions) and industry-leading cybersecurity on any cloud and network, and disconnected devices (Windows and iOS). MDDV hybrid connectivity can even switch automatically between connected and disconnected modes.

MDDV is currently used by thousands of airmen, in dozens of units, automating and standardizing system and component failure and repair data collection for CBM+ predictive maintenance and on-time supply chain management.

MDDV is the only 6th gen ietm ietp